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Nethra Gomatheswaran


Living in a city as diverse as New York, I meet people from different countries. As interesting as it is to know more about other cultures and places, I often get asked the same pattern of stereotypical questions  -  "Is India often overcrowded on the streets?" "Do you have a ton of festivals that you celebrate?" As much as these set of questions help a person understand a place better, I wanted them to imagine what a place would be from just its voice.
The theme chosen for this single-serve website was diversity. My main goal was to help people experience the place with means beyond visuals, stereotypical assumptions, or things they know about a certain city.
Experiencing a place in this world through sound evokes nostalgia for people to whom the place is familiar. For people who are unfamiliar with the place, it allows them to go wild with their imagination as to what the place could be like, feel like or look like from the way it sounds.

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Nethra Gomatheswaran 2020
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To evoke nostalgia and curiosity about a place devoid of any stereotypes by listening to it's sounds