To help avert an unwanted gaze using wearable tech and combining it with fashion


Research, Physical computing, Wearable Tech, Prototyping and Testing


2 weeks




Cassandra Hradil,
Nethra Gomatheswaran


Why is this a topic that needs to be address immediately?

This project was done at Parsons School of Design. My teammate, Cassandra Hradil and I explored the field of Wearable tech and Fashion and how they influence each other. Trends in fashion are usually determined by certain people and their take on it. Keeping that in mind and talking about gazes of people - whether it harmless, provocative or just looking at what the person is wearing, we decided to work with this further.
Because there are so many types of gazes, we wanted to create feedback, a way to acknowledge the gaze or let the person know that you see them looking at you.
After initial sketching, we started playing around with different types of fabric and thermochromic ink and ratios of paint with thermochromic ink to make the eye turn bright when an electric current passes through.


How our design evolved

We then started rough prototyping on different pieces of fabric to see how much electricity would be necessary to make the eye glow with the thermochromic paint. At this stage, we did not use the gaze detector and webcam and just focused on the output. We started building the circuit once we got the eye to light up with the electricity. We stitched the eye with conductive thread and the electricity passing through the eye would cause the thermo-conductive thread to change colour.

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